Friday, January 27, 2006


DAY 3-The tides have turned

We finished our suspended game with a loss, in a see-saw battle. After a quick meeting under the tent for the day's briefing, we headed out for game 3 on our schedule. I went 2 for 4, and we won! I was boasting how we would run the table now and we were on a 4 game win streak. We were treated by a visit from Darryl Strawberry! I had a photo taken with him on my way to lunch. After lunch, we played game 4. I was in left field this game and had plenty of action chasing down hits left and right. In an embarrassing moment, I lost a ball in the sun and covered my head for fear it would cold cock me. My manager, Bobby Wine let me have it for 2 innings about the play. Later in the game, I had another ball hit to my left, a shallow fly ball. I made a diving, rolling, falling effort, and sucessfully made the catch! Bobby Wine called it my "Ron Swaboda" catch! Wow, I just made a play that compared to Ron Swaboda's famous catch in the 69 World Series, life is grand! We won that game to bring our record to 2-2.

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