Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Day 5-Us against the Pros

The last day of our fantasy camp was the coup de grat. Our teams would have our chance to play against the pros on Tropicana field. We earned second place in the tournament, so that meant we played the pros in game 2. Great, not only are the pros, they will be very fresh pros. As we watched Jim McAndrew throw the first game for the pros, he seemed hitable. Someone mentioned that he is 52 years old he should be hitable. Well after game one, the pros make a pitching change, now AY, Anthony Young, will be throwing against us. ANTHONY YOUNG??? That guy is the only player for the pros that is 1 year younger then me. He's only 39, and is clocked at 86 miles per hour in his warmups. Needless to say, he mowed us down fairly quickly. I believe in all our team had 2 hits against him in our brief 3 inning game. I am proud to say I was not one of his many strike out victims. I flailed at the first pitch that was way outside, then fouled off 4 in a row. One off Jerry Grote's bare hand which was sweet justice since he was a grouch the entire camp. Finally, I got decent wood on one and grounded out to the shortstop. At the start of the camp, I was very fast getting down the line, however, I have to admit I had nothing left in my legs on the last day, and was out at first by 2 steps. We held them to no runs until the last inning, when with 2 runners on, a sharp single was hit to me in right. Although I fielded it cleanly and made a good throw to our cut off, it was a few over-throws later, we're done, pros win, 2-0. Shaking hands with the entire staff of pros after the game was surreal. Felix Millan, John Stearns, Tim Teuful, Buzz Capra, Willie Montanez, just one hero after another. It was a perfect end to a perfect trip!

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