Sunday, December 24, 2006


Buckman tries to become Batman

My wife and 2 daughters found the perfect gift for my 40th Birthday, 5 days at the New York Mets fantasy camp in January 2006, with some of the Mets favorites from yester-year. They joked that I had to attend while I was still physically able. At first I thought, are they nuts? What will the director of store operations for a dollar store franchise do on the training field of the New York Mets? I mean I have coached my 2 daughters in softball for the last 8 years, and consider myself to be in better then average shape, but baseballs are smaller and move much faster then softballs, and I am moving a little slower these days. After getting over the exorbitant costs of the trip, I have started to actually get excited and nervous about what lies ahead at fantasy camp. I have found myself day-dreaming about making a great play or getting a key hit, and also have had thoughts of getting carried off the field, and even worse making a complete fool of myself by striking out for a record 10th time at the camp. I have to admit, the letter advising some stretching exercises and callisthenic started most of these worries, and I have actually been stretching each morning in the shower. I'm determined to go there with an open mind and give it my all and see where the chips fall, or me for that matter. Seven weeks from now I will don my #13 Mets uniform and make my mark on the field at Port St Lucie.

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