Friday, December 22, 2006


The quest for the cup....

Fifteen days before the camp starts, reviewing the paperwork on what I need to bring and the list of Mets players attending. This year's list of former players includes:

I have everything in order except for the cup. Never needed one before as an adult, but they strongly recommend one. Problem is I get a skin rash from elastic, so after searching the Internet for days looking at jock straps, I found one they make in a brief style, with all elastic sewn inside. It hasn't arrived yet, so I contacted the company, they say it's out of stock, don't know when it will ship. Back to the internet to order another one from a different company. An hour after ordering it, I get an email, you guessed it, order canceled; out of stock. I panic and order 2 more from different companies. Today's inbox has great news, the "out of stock" jocks have arrived, they will ship express to me. So I warned my wife that I have somewhere between 4 and 6 new jock straps being delivered. I think I have the jewels very well protected.

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